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The owner Sumita Dana, an experienced fashion designer of NIFT Delhi has also a varied experience of working in film production and as costume  designer for films such as Samsara, Escape from Taliban and Lakshya. She also worked with famous producer Mahesh Mathai of Highlight  films  for the production of 'Incredible India'.

In line with her creative abilities, Sumita Dana has now ventured  into the  hospitality sector, setting up a cosy, homely guest house at Sangto in suberbs of Leh town.

Located at an easy five minutes walk from the nearest market, Sangto Green is the embodiment of a place that offers a friendly , personal ambience nestled among vegetable garden and appricot and apple trees.






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Sangto Green, Guest House, Sangto, Below Changspa Farm, Leh, Ladakh

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